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WordPress Plugins Updates: BackupBuddy and WooSlider 2.3.0

Two WordPress plugins were updated recently. If you need to backup, restore, move or deploy the filesystem of your WordPress site, use BackupBuddy. The iThemes team attentively examines the functioning of its great plugin and corrects arising bugs.

Download the update:

WooSlider is one of the most popular WordPress slider plugins. The responsive tool provides impressive settings to create a slideshow of the high resolution images. Video control and Instagrams slides are also available.

Download the plugin:

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13 Plugins for WooCommerce Online Store Updated

Please check 13 updates related to the online business so that your WordPress site could work the best way. The tools are gathered into 4 groups.





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WordPress Plugins: iThemes Security Pro and BackupBuddy Becoming Better

2 smart plugins developed by the iThemesSecurity Pro and BackupBuddy – were updated these days.

Protect your WordPress site from a new type of attack. The developers offer a solid protection from XML-RPC brute force attacks, aimed at WordPress usernames and passwords.

Download the update:

Some bugs are fixed in backuping plugin as well. BackupBuddy provides several locations, including BackupBuddy Stash 2.0 and remote Amazon S3 and Google Drive cloud storages.

Download the update:

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Check 10 Updates for WooCommerce Online Store

A number of WooCommerce extensions was updated a couple of days ago. The tools are helpful in solving various problems in online business. They can be divided into 4 groups. Check the plugins below.

Product Marketing




Get the extensions separately or subscribe to CodEasily.Club to have 160+ themes and plugins for $15/month.

WordPress Plugins Updates: BackupBuddy and 2 Storefront Extensions

The development team at the iThemes has rolled out a new update to its smart plugin, fixing a couple of bugs. All versions stating from 6.4 include BackupBuddy Stash 2.0, an enhanced tool to store all your backup files.

Download the plugin:

2 Storefront extensions were updated by the WooThemes developers. One of the tools provides a hero component to the homepage of your WordPress site. Another one highlights your star products with hero components at any page at your Storefront powered shop.

Download the plugins:

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12 WooCommerce Plugin for Online Business Updated

The plugins updating process keeps in the online business going on. Starting from November 12 extensions for WooCommerce store were updated. The tools can be divided into 6 groups. Check the plugins below.

Product Marketing






Get the tools one by one or subscribe to CodEasily.Club to have 180+ themes and plugins for $15/month.

Test 4 WooCommerce Plugins and BackupBuddy

There were 4 updates in the WooCommerce. Check them if you need layered navigation during product search for variable products or products with a number of attributes. You can also test a deposit or a payment plan for the customers of your online store.

Download the updates:

Don’t miss the updated BackupBuddy The plugin provides a multi-location storage opportunity, so that you can get access to one or more copies of your WordPress site backup. The developers offer Amazon S3 and Google Drive among the safe remote destinations.

Download the tool:

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WordPress Updates: 11 WooCommerce Plugins and BackupBuddy

One of the most popular WordPress backup plugins gets constant updates. The developers at iThemes team have fixed a couple of bugs in the BackupBuddy version

Download the WordPress backup plugin here:

Don’t miss an important update for online business. 11 WooCommerce tools were improved at the end of October. They range from coupon campaign to currency converter and payment plugins.

Check the helpful tools:

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Updates: BackupBuddy and 14 WooCommerce Plugins for Online Business

This week turned out to be very productive for the coders from iThemes. Their main WordPress plugin for backups and cloud data storage was updated twice. You can choose what type of backup to do depending on the changes in your WordPress site: database or content or both.

Download the tool:

The WooThemes team has updated a bundle of their extensions as well. Please check the latest versions and keep your online store or other business professional.

Download the plugins:

Get the tools one by one or subscribe to CodEasily.Club to have 180+ themes and plugins for $15/month.

6 WooCommerce Plugins for Online Business and WordPress Theme Canvas Updated

6 WooCommerce extensions have been updated recently. They have been developed for the various areas of the online business, including ecommerce.

Download the helpful tools:

Canvas, one of the leading WordPress themes from WooThemes, has been updated to the version 5.9.12. It is a highly customizable tool with great responsive design, layout and typography. Advanced users can tap a child theme into the powerful array of actions and filters.

Download the WordPress theme:

You can buy any of the premium themes and plugins or join CodEasily.Club and get 180+ tools for $15/month.