Storefront Checkout Customizer Extension


Product Description

Find the layout that boosts conversions at your WooCommerce site with the Storefront Checkout Customiser. The WooThemes extension allows you to tweak the checkout by choosing a different layout and removing distractions to find out what works best at your store.

Increase your conversions with the Distraction Free Checkout. This feature removes all clutter from the checkout, allowing the customer to focus entirely on that procedure.Try different combinations of settings to A/B test and choose the best one.

Layout option in Storefront Checkout Customiser

  • Default – the default layout.
  • Stacked – Stacks the address inputs and order review atop one another.
  • Two column addresses – arranges the address inputs in to two columns above the order review.

When combined with the full width template already available in Storefront core this allows you to create 6 different checkout designs.